Enjoy the best design and eMarketing functions combined, with FREE branding!

We offer a measurable ROI using a Digital Marketing Strategy combining a rare set of skills and techniques.

Get Customers AND a return on your investment.


Digital marketing, also known as eMarketing or social marketing, is far more effective than conventional marketing because it is finely targeted and combines all the digital skills available.

Websites typically only convert at only 1.8%. With Digital Marketing your spend-to-revenue ratio is 1:10 on average.


  1. We give you FREE branding for the initial setup campaign!  
  2. You get a Return on Your Investment (ROI).
  3. YOU decide what your marketing budget is and YOU control your spend.
  4. We can pause the campaign at any time if you are getting too many leads/prospects to handle, and turn on again as needed.
  5. You can concentrate on your business while we take care of your marketing for you.


The Package and Skills we offer have a measurable ROI using a Digital Marketing STRATEGY combining a rare set of 6 Features:  


1. High conversion Funnel Websites

A funnel website has a very powerful offer. Funnels have strategy and technology. Good funnel design is the rarest of the 5 skills because it requires certain techniques and a good strategy to draw your clients in.  

2. Facebook Ads

There are currently 19 million South Africans on Facebook, and 4 billion globally! On average people spend 1 hour per day on Facebook. That is a captive audience…  

3. Google Ads

Pay per Clicks works for certain industries and complements Facebook.  

4. Email Marketing

You only pay only once for a lead and then they are on your email list. According to the Direct Marketing Association (USA), email marketing is the most most lucrative: on average $44 return per $1 spent!  

5. Branding and Graphic Design skills

A Branding Identity is very important because it makes you RECOGNISABLE (eg. Nike, Apple, etc.) Your branding design should be simple, strong, responsive and used consistently in all your marketing materials and campaigns.  

6. Copywriting skills

Copywriting skills and strategies are necessary to be able to convince potential clients and to lead them through a funnel.  

Do you know any company around who can offer ALL 6 skills in one package?


Enjoy the best design and eMarketing functions combined,

with FREE branding!

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